Phillip Platz
[photo of Phillip Platz]

Well, hi there. I’m Phillip!

I’m the Communications Division manager at the City of Cedar Rapids.

I moved to eastern Iowa in 2010, shortly after completing my degree at Columbia College Chicago. During my five years directing newscasts at CBS 2 & FOX 28 and a few years heading up digital marketing at Mount Mercy University, my passion for the city I’ve come to call home has flourished. (No, mom, I'll never forget my Lafayette, Minnesota roots.)

Right now I’m working on a project I’m particularly passionate about in my neighborhood, Wellington Heights. There's this amazing space in the center of our little community — Redmond Park — and I have the fortune of working with some dedicated volunteer neighbors and friends to try to see how we can improve the space, and in so doing, neighborhood strength and pride. Follow along with us.

I’m the president of the Linn County Trails Association. I’ve served on the boards of numerous community, arts, and small-business focused nonprofits and volunteered with countless organizations and groups in eastern Iowa.

Some things I find enthusing: bicycling (that’s my baby), human rights, community development, and accessibility.

I am a communications, marketing, and multimedia professional; television director; broadcast designer; editor; web developer; fundraiser; pianist; amateur photographer; storyteller; humanist; urbanist; and an awesome pal and confidante — to name a few.

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